Cuir de Fleur

Scented candle

Encased in a unique porcelain tumbler, the candle carries the “Cuir de fleur” accord created by master-perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez.

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Carlotha Ray broadens her world of fragrances with her Cuir de fleur scented candle. Surrender to the enchantment of this iconic scent that harmoniously blends the powerful, herbacious notes of maté with osmanthus, a Chinese flower redolent of the sweet fragrance of ripe apricots. The oak moss, with accents of forest trees and undergrowth, and the essence of juniper enhance the candle's leather and floral aromas.

Weight: 190g (6.7oz)

Burning time: around 50h

Size: height 8cm; diameter 8cm

Vegetable wax, cotton wick, perfume.

Limoges porcelaine tumbler.

Made in France

Our candles' Limoges porcelain tumblers exemplify our brand's dedication to craftsmanship, excellence and aesthetics. Like our perfumes and footwear, the palm motif, designed by Schwartz Montiel, is engraved in the porcelain. This elegant material combines a non-porous surface with a remarkable transparency to allow light to filter through and convey the holder's unique character. This precious vessel also reflects Carlotha Ray's sustainability values, as it can easily be recharged with refills, thus extending their use. You can also upcycle our candleholders into a pretty decorative object for your bathroom.
In order to preserve your candle as long as possible and ensure that
it burns evenly, here are some tips for its use:
  • - Leave the candle burning until the surface of the candle has become liquid.
  • - Regularly trim the wick to a length of between 3 to 5mm (0.12 to 0.20 in) before use.
  • - Check that the wick is straight and centered when extinguishing the candle.
  • - Once the candle is consumed, clean the tumbler with hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher to remove wax residues.
 You can use the empty tumbler, a genuine Limoges porcelain tumbler,
as an elegant receptacle for brushes, pencils or cotton balls, for example!
With sustainability and respect for the environment at heart, our
candle is made with 100% vegetable wax based on GMO-free rapeseed oil of European origin.

Made in France by a century-old candle maker certified as a Living
Heritage company, our candles embody French craftsmanship and expertise. The same is true for our Limoges porcelain candleholders. Our candles are also made with cotton wicks to ensure a clean, regular burn.The packaging, created in the form of a flower, is made with FSC
paper from sustainably managed forests and 40% recycled materials. It is fully recyclable, thanks to the use of vegetable inks and glue.


Carlotha Ray's "Cuir de fleur" olfactory signature reinvents the scent of vegetable leather. The candle's exclusively vegetal
notes are inspired by moments in the life of designer Mariela Schwartz Montiel and the places close to her heart. The fragrance's heart notes of osmanthus recall the singular scent of fine leather goods. Together these aromas form a deliciously light and fruity floral fragrance.