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The art of layering


Are you looking for a unique fragrance, a custom-made perfume, your own signature olfactory footprint? Would you like to design your own accords?

Like a cascade of necklaces combined to enhance a neckline, or an ensemble of bracelets tinkling with each movement of the wrist, the art of layering can also be used in perfumery. But not haphazardly. This unique skill comes from the Japanese art of Saho, a technique used in skincare that layers facial treatments in a perfectly orchestrated ritual.

Used in perfumery, the art of layering extends the perfumer's expertise by allowing the wearer to create her own pairings through assembling perfumes whose primary accords respond to and complement each other.

To master this art, our perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez — the former nose for Patou, Rochas, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, and others — shares six tips for playing with the various notes of Carlotha Ray perfumes to build harmonies similar to a composer creating a musical score.

1- An infinite combination

Perfumes to combine: Mandarine & Maté Vert, Poire & Santal Blanc and Rose Blanche & Gardénia

The accord: The first three perfumes in the Carlotha Ray collection can be combined according to your desires. All three fragrances have a common signature accord in the unique “Cuir de fleur” olfactory footprint designed by Jean-Michel Duriez for Carlotha Ray, combining maté, oak moss, osmanthus flower and essence of juniper.


2- A juicy pear

Perfumes to combine: Rose Blanche & Gardénia and Poire & Santal Blanc

The accord: The rose accord of the Rose Blanche & Gardénia perfume harmonizes perfectly with Poire & Santal Blanc. In fact, every rose has a pear facet. The molecules behind the natural fruity notes present in roses are pear-scented citronella esters that prolong the juicy crisp of Poire & Santal Blanc. Magnificent!


3. A woody note refreshed by rose

Perfumes to combine: Rose Blanche & Gardénia and Palo Santo & Patchouli Vert

The accord: The Rose Blanche & Gardénia fragrance acts as a top note associated with Palo Santo & Patchouli Vert, which contains rose and a touch of raspberry. Combining the two brings a note of innocence to Palo Santo & Patchouli Vert, whose woody facets are refreshed by the rose and musk of Rose Blanche & Gardénia. A true delight.

4. Dewy morning grass

Perfumes to combine: Palo Santo & Patchouli Vert and Mandarine & Maté Vert

The accord: Palo Santo & Patchouli Vert is energized and refreshed by a hint of Mandarine & Maté Vert. Its fresh, moist woody notes complement the dry woody notes of Palo Santo & Patchouli Vert. The dewy morning grass pairs delightfully with the freshness of green patchouli leaves.


5. Soft, sweet smoky notes

Perfumes to combine: Myrrhe & Bois Brûlés and Poire & Santal Blanc

The accord: Myrrhe & Bois Brûlés is a warm and cool fragrance with sweet, smoky notes that can be lightened and refreshed with Poire & Santal Blanc. Here, soft creamy sandalwood softens burnt wood while pear refreshes the sweet licorice facets of myrrh.


6. A touch of femininity

Perfumes to combine: Myrrhe & Bois Brûlés and Rose Blanche & Gardénia

The accord: The Myrrhe & Bois Brûlés fragrance expresses an added touch of femininity paired with Rose Blanche & Gardénia. The regressive notes of green apple and licorice blend intimately with Rose Blanche & Gardénia's soft musky rose to create a gourmet, sensual and feminine accord.

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