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Our commitments

Creativity, innovation and commitment at the heart of our manufacturing process

Because preserving the planet is an integral part of Carlotha Ray's DNA, we embraced the challenge of offering totally eco-designed luxury footwear.

Our entire production process was designed to fully respect the environment and human beings. Because transparency is fundamental to forging a special bond with our clientele, and to help people fully understand our process, we list every step required to make each pair of Carlotha Ray flip-flops a true fashion statement and a committed gesture toward preserving our natural world.

100% vegan sandals

Since our launch in 2019, Carlotha Ray has made animal welfare a top priority. Our brand does not use animal leather and promotes only cruelty-free products.

Italian manufacturing and local sourcing

To preserve our heritage of local artisanship, every pair of Carlotha Ray sandals is handmade in Italy by passionate master craftspeople using locally sourced materials from the Italian region of Marche for designs that respect both people and the environment.

Organic and compostable materials

The soles of our shoes are made with natural rubber from Madagascar, a 100% ecological material obtained by extracting the sap from tropical rubber trees. To ensure the greatest durability over time, our shoes' rubber structure is reinforced with eggshells reclaimed from the food industry using yet another innovative eco-friendly technique.

Ever more sustainable certified materials

All of the fabrics used for our shoes’ uppers are carefully selected to be as ecological as possible. Fine Italian linen is the eco-friendly material par excellence - it is 100% vegetal and takes very little water to grow. Our organic GOTS-certified ECOVERO Bio-satin materials are produced by an Italian supplier.

Innovative dyes thanks to natural pigments

From nude to fuchsia, orange and ultraviolet, all of Carlotha Ray's collections use a palette of pop colors that are more eco-friendly than ever! Each shade is obtained from organic materials like almonds or walnut husks, rice, eggshells, medicinal herbs, and flowers. For example, we use algae to color our green soles and charcoal for soles in indigo blue and black.

Reducing and recycling waste

All of these organic materials are either farmed, sustainably harvested from forests, or derived from agricultural waste, including olives, artichokes, peppers, pomegranates and mint. Because we strive to reduce our own footprint, we pulverize and reuse the scraps from rubber production for a new compound that's then reused for upcoming collections.

Consciously conceived to respect
people and the planet