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Reinventing the codes of high perfumery to limit environmental impact

Two years after bringing women luxurious ethical designs, Mariela Schwarz Montiel's desire was to slip an equally symbolic and feminine item into every woman's handbag - a perfume.


In 2021, her dream became a reality. True to our values, Carlotha Ray combined the tradition of French high perfumery and sustainable luxury in a collection of delicate, fresh, and fully eco-designed perfumes. Good for both the wearer and the planet, our perfumes reside in elegant refillable bottles made with recycled glass in a timeless style.

Jean-Michel Duriez

Like her fashions, Schwarz Montiel maintained the same high standards and surrounded herself with the top names in luxury perfumery. Perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez – the former nose at Patou and Rochas, who also created fragrances for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Lacoste – was handed the reins of this ambitious project.

To create the olfactory signature of Carlotha Ray's perfumes, Duriez immersed himself in our committed, vegan world and Schwarz Montiel's Paraguayan culture. The resulting accord, “Cuir de fleur,” is a unique combination of maté, oak moss, osmanthus flowers, and essence of juniper.

This ensemble culminated in a perfume of light, fruity floral notes whose heart recalls beautiful vegan leather goods and a base inspired by the forests cherished by the designer. This pairing is present in each of Carlotha Ray's perfumes, allowing them to be layered like jewelry at any time of the day.

What is “Cuir de fleur”?

In the words of perfumer-designer Jean-Michel Duriez: I invented “Cuir de fleur” as the signature olfactory footprint common to every Carlotha Ray perfume. Because Schwarz Montiel's designs are exclusively vegan – replacing even animal leather with latex-based vegetable leather – it seemed natural to take the same approach with her perfumes. So I dreamed up a perfume based on Carlotha Ray's world, reminiscent of the scent of leather created exclusively of vegetal notes.

- Maté's powerful, herbaceous facets are a nod to Schwarz Montiel's Paraguayan childhood.

- Osmanthus, a Chinese flower with a sweet, apricot fragrance and a base note elegantly reminiscent of leather.

- Oak moss features accents of forest and undergrowth, and is especially evocative of the forests in the Limousin region of France, where the designer lives, which echo the aromas of her native Paraguay.

- The essence of juniper, a burnt wood recalls the scents of leather and chimney fire.

Haute couture perfumes thanks to an outstanding expertise

Just like our shoes, Carlotha Ray perfumes are of the highest quality, crafted by the finest artisans of French high perfumery. The Orpur-labeled raw materials contained in the perfumes guarantee excellence, with the highest-quality natural ingredients selected with the utmost care by Givaudan perfumers.

French designer-architect Julien Gaubert gave the ultra-sleek bottle an art deco allure. The palm leaves, designed by Schwarz Montiel, recall the motifs of her footwear designs, inspired by plants and the perforations of fine porcelain dishes and metal garden tables.

French glassmaker Zignago Vetro Brosse achieved the ambitious feat of manufacturing a remarkably light 106-g (3.74-oz) bottle in a unique design. Finally, we are proud to note that our perfumes are completely developed, manufactured, and packaged in France.

An eco-friendly commitment at each production stage

With 90% ingredients of natural origin, including certified organic vegetable alcohol, and streamlined formulas entirely free of harmful substances, Carlotha Ray fragrances protect your health and the environment.

To minimize our environmental impact and reduce waste as much as possible, the bottle is refillable and made from recycled and recyclable glass. The cardboard box is made of Italian paper composed of 40% recycled fibers, 55% paper from sustainably managed forests, and 5% hemp. 


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