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Our commitments

Responsible high perfumery

Where the French high perfumery tradition and sustainable luxury meet.


For her perfume line, Schwarz Montiel wanted to remain faithful to her environmental and philanthropic values by offering a collection of entirely eco-designed fragrances. Like our fashion line, Carlotha Ray perfumes are designed to minimize their environmental impact as far as possible while maintaining the codes of luxury and the requirements of high perfumery. How? By employing the best craftspeople and the purest raw materials, as well as partnering with the biggest names in French high perfumery, including perfumer-designer Jean Michel Duriez, who created all of our perfumes.

From responsible sourcing to our ultraclean formulation, including
refillable recycled glass bottles, nothing was left to chance. Here's the

100% vegan perfumes

Carlotha Ray perfumes are not animal tested and don’t contain animal products. Like our vegan, natural latex shoes, Jean Michel Duriez wanted to follow this guideline in creating “Cuir de fleur,” made entirely of vegetal notes that recall the sensual aromas of leather.

A minimal and ultraclean formula

Because your health and the preservation of the planet are two unwavering priorities, Carlotha Ray perfumes are formulated with 90% natural ingredients. Created with a base of organic vegetable alcohol, they contain no controversial ingredients suspected of being endocrine disruptors, like BHT and Benzyl Salicylate, and are completely free of the chemical additives, dyes, preservatives, and UV filters habitually used in classic perfumery.

Because we are committed to providing quality products, the remaining 10% of ingredients are safe high-quality synthetic or upcycled to allow us to create a wider fragrance palette, conserve the Earth's natural resources, and preserve biodiversity.

Ethical and demanding sourcing

All Orpur-labeled* raw materials are responsibly sourced by Givaudan perfumers in their programs supporting local communities around the world. These sustainable industries ensure fair working conditions and fair trade for farmers, as well as the protection of local ecosystems: patchouli and vetiver from Indonesia, ylang-ylang from Madagascar, lavandin from France, and so on. Created in 2000 by Givaudan, the Orpur label* is awarded to outstanding natural raw materials. These high-quality ingredients are so precious they are often compared to gold.

Waste reduction and upcycling

To protect our natural resources and reduce waste, Carlotha Ray's perfume collection contains up to 20% upcycled ingredients, notably through the recovery of waste and by-products from the agro industry. The residuals from citrus and apples, used to make juices and compotes, are recycled to obtain orange, lemon and apple essences.

An eco-designed refillable bottle

Exceptionally light – a mere 106 g (3.74 oz) – to slip easily into a bag, our perfume bottles were carefully designed to minimize environmental impact, save resources like energy and water, and reduce CO2 emissions. Made from 40% recycled glass, they retain all of the luster and transparency of high-end perfume bottles. Their minimalist design allows them to be 100% recyclable — even our bottle caps are sculpted from PEFC-certified beech wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests. First polished by hand, they are then lacquered with a water-based paint to render them fully compostable. And because you won't be able to do without your favorite fragrance, all of our bottles are refillable!

Recycled and recyclable paper packaging

Our packaging is made with Italian paper composed of 40% recycled fibers and is 100% recyclable. The paper is printed with vegetable inks then constructed with water-based glue. Even the protective cellophane encasement to protect the bottles during transport is recyclable.

A commitment to society

In addition to being ecological, our perfume boxes are entirely hand-assembled in three ESAT vocational rehabilitation centers in Carcassonne, France, that are fully committed to the social and professional integration, or reintegration, of people with disabilities.

Made in France

Our perfumes are developed, manufactured and packaged entirely in France.

Consciously conceived to respect
people and the planet