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Sustainable luxury

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Giving new meaning to the term "sustainable footwear”

Carlotha Ray, the essence of sustainable luxury

Carlotha Ray was created in 2019, the dream of its founder Mariela Schwarz Montiel. Carlotha Ray's mission is to impart all the beauty of nature into our collections of ethical luxury footwear.


Dismayed by the ecological damage caused by the millions of plastic flip-flops abandoned on our beaches every year, Schwarz Montiel took up the challenge of designing sophisticated sandals in a beautiful, natural, and sustainable way, thanks to the use of innovative materials with the least possible ecological impact.

Celebrating our Earth and preserving its beauty for future generations

Behind this vision of responsible fashion lies a family tradition of
commitment. Schwarz Montiel 's grandmother, Carlotha Despierre de Montiel, was a humanist of Paraguayan origin, who fought for the preservation of the planet and the education of young girls throughout her entire life. Aware of the importance of living in full connection with nature, she shared her empathy and strong ecological values with Mariela.

A few years later, the designer paid homage to her grandmother by naming her fashion label Carlotha Ray and her project became a true commitment to the environment.

Today, Carlotha Ray's dedication is rooted more than ever in the label's DNA.

Supporting traditional craftsmanship and communities

Our shoes are handcrafted in Italy by the finest craftspeople in the Marche region, helping to perpetuate an ancestral expertise. All of our collections are based on the vast natural resources that surround us, and are made from locally and responsibly sourced materials. Our 100% organic raw materials are carefully selected and repurposed to preserve these precious resources.

Taking care of the planet in all of our initiatives

From our shoes' natural rubber soles to the eco-responsible fabrics that adorn our sandals — colored with dyes from vegetable sources, such as charcoal, flowers and medicinal plants, the entire manufacturing process fully respects the environment and all life on the planet.


Find out more about our eco-responsible initiatives at every stage of our shoe manufacturing process

From ethical luxury sandals to responsible high perfumery

In 2021, Schwarz Montiel launched her first collection of perfumes in the same spirit as Carlotha Ray's sustainable luxury footwear and with the same high standards and passion. Just like in her fashion creations, she surrounded herself with the best craftspeople in French high perfumery, committed to sourcing unique, responsible raw materials with a single objective in mind: to care for our planet and all those who live here. In this spirit, our perfumes are completely vegan and not tested on animals. Our ultraclean formulas contain no controversial ingredients and our packaging is made with recycled and recyclable materials.

Carlotha Ray understands that a true ecological commitment requires social responsibility and the promotion of equal opportunity, expressed in her participation in programs for the social and professional reintegration of people with disabilities.


We are convinced that the planet needs extraordinary people and
committed labels to help move our society toward a more sustainable world for every generation to come.


Learn more about our eco-responsible actions during the
manufacturing process of our perfumes

Consciously conceived to respect
people and the planet