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The delicacy and strength of porcelain

It is impossible to separate the Carlotha Ray House from Mariela
Schwarz Montiel, such is the power of the designer's humanist commitment and stylistic vision in all of her creations.

Schwarz Montiel's passion for porcelain naturally inspired her first Carlotha Ray footwear, launched in 2019.

It quickly became the guiding artistic inspiration for all of our collections. At once delicate and fragile in appearance yet remarkably refined and strong, this noble material captures the very essence of nature's precious resources, as well as the Carlotha Ray spirit.

A passion for the French art of living

From the exquisite world of porcelain, Schwarz Montiel unites nature, love, and poetry to create unique models of absolute comfort and femininity.


Each item is adorned with Haute Couture details that radiate the
French art of living. Gardens, furniture, perforated porcelain… their delicate and enchanting touch transports you to historic châteaux in the French countryside.


As a tribute to the beauty of nature, Carlotha Ray uses natural materials to create her palette of poetic and feminine colors. Each shade is obtained from blending organic materials such as seaweed, roses, rice, earth and even medicinal herbs. In an appeal to all of the senses, Carlotha Ray's shoes emanate the subtle aromas of rose essence and lily of the valley.


Both creative and committed, Carlotha Ray conserves the codes of luxury. Mariela Schwarz Montiel, who honed her skills in the finest fashion houses, understands that quality is achieved first and foremost through craftsmanship. To preserve the rich heritage of local communities, all of her shoe designs are exclusively executed by passionate artisans in the Marche region of Italy. Our suppliers are handpicked to guarantee the use of sustainable materials, respectful of both the environment and of human beings

Crafting a sandal in 15 steps

Each step in the manufacturing process scrupulously adheres to the rarified expertise specific to luxury houses. For example, crafting an Adèle sandal, one of our flagship models, requires up to 15 different steps. Once shaped, the rubber sole is first hollowed out to accommodate padding foam made from recycled material. The organic satin upper is then skillfully embroidered according to Schwarz Montiel's vision to evoke delicate Provençal boutis quilting. Carlotha Ray's C emblem is then embroidered onto the quilting. Finally, the satin upper is fitted seamlessly to the sole in the tradition of haut-couture shoemakers, guaranteeing a perfect fit and absolute comfort. Every single knot is done by hand.


Schwarz Montiel's love of nature comes from a childhood spent with her grandmother, who was committed to protecting the Amazon forest.

Carlotha Ray pays homage to the beauty of nature through a selection of innovative organic materials and local eco-sustainable sourcing. The soles of our shoes are made from natural biodegradable latex reinforced with recycled eggshells. Our 100% vegetable dyes will not harm our health or the environment. Carlotha Ray uses sustainable fabrics, like Italian linen and GOTS-certified organic satin, produced from Ecovero silk, and viscose yarns derived from the wood of sustainably managed forests.


In terms of both materials and workmanship, Carlotha Ray is committed to bringing a new dimension to the term "sustainable footwear."


Now more than ever, Carlotha Ray shoes embody a commitment to sustainability and a deep respect for the planet and all life.


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