Laser-cut rubber flip flops

The Barbotine flip-flop is a harmonious blend of porcelain elegance and innovation.

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Its rounded shape brings a real element of softness and originality. Made from natural rubber, the Barbotine flip-flop comes in vibrant colors thanks to 100% vegan and organic pigments. And, for a poetic touch, all our Carlotha Ray models are scented with a soft floral essence.

The entire manufacturing process for Carlotha Ray shoes is based in Italy's Marches region, renowned for its dedicated master craftsmen. Each creation is a testimony to exceptional savoir-faire and preserves the rich heritage of local communities.

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Inspired by the matte, powdery subtlety of ceramic slip, or barbotine in French, - a clay paste used in pottery to make relief designs - the Barbotine flip-flop is distinguished by the delicacy of its laser-cut rubber edges. These patterns are a nod to the decorations found on the edges of vintage plates, adding a touch of authenticity.
Advice from designer Mariela Schwarz Montiel: "Because they’re ultra-feminine, I'd wear them on a summer evening with jeans and an embroidered linen blouse with wide sleeves. You can also wear Barbotine flip-flops with a bikini and skirt for the beach!"
All our shoe models are ethically and sustainably manufactured from biodegradable natural rubber. To achieve a perfect cut, we use a "water laser", an innovative process that produces impeccable perforated patterns without altering the rubber or denaturing the color.
Day after day, Carlotha Ray is committed to giving a new dimension to the notion of sustainability. From the choice of raw materials to the design, each pair of shoes is the fruit of our unconditional commitment to the planet. So we use materials of natural origin sourced locally and derived as far as possible from waste recycling. 
  • - The sole's main material is natural rubber, extracted from plant latex and reinforced with organic matter such as eggshells from agricultural waste. What's more, leftover rubber scraps are reused for future shoe models.
  • - Natural pigments for sandals are obtained from medicinal herbs, flowers and plants - olive, artichoke, pepper, pomegranate etc. - or other organic materials such as activated charcoal, eggshell and rice. These materials used for the dyes come from woodland foraging or are recovered from agricultural production waste. The entire supply chain is certified "organic".