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7 tips for Christmas gifts hunting


What if this year, for Christmas, your gifts were personal, environmentally-friendly and long-lasting ones that you’d carefully sourced yourself? That's the great idea from our designer Mariela Schwarz Montiel, who, in the article Mariela's favorite places in Paris, tells us how much she loves browsing Paris’  Saint Ouen flea market in search of gifts for her loved ones: "It's my favorite place to find gifts for the people I love or for my home. I prefer to buy something old, unique, personal and long-lasting..." she confided!

Christmas gift hunting is exciting, but it can quickly become complicated if you don't have the right instincts to find that perfect present.

Here's everything you need to know before getting started!


1- Make a list

Are you looking for your goddaughter, your grandmother, your children or your partner? Make a list of the loved ones you intend to spoil. This will enable you to focus on the personalities and preferences of each member of your family.

2- Set yourself a budget

Of course, second-hand items often mean saving money, but it's quite tempting at flea markets and other garage sales to get carried away by the low prices. Setting yourself a budget will help you avoid any compulsive purchases!


3- Get up early

Early birds catches the worm! To make sure you don't miss out on the best items, get up early! If you can, come back at the end of the event (flea markets, garage sales...), which is also a good time for bargains.


4- Be open-minded

Don't go treasure-hunting with a fixed idea of what you want to buy. A porcelain doll for your niece, or a retro vase for your sister, for example. Let yourself be surprised by the sellers, who might suggest some unexpected but welcome ideas!

5- Do your research

On the other hand, if you know in advance that your mother-in-law has been dreaming of a vintage lamp by a particular designer, don't hesitate to do your research to avoid unpleasant surprises and to get an idea of the price. Don't forget that you'll also have some negotiating power!

6- Take a good look at the item

Every object tells a story. It has lived, but it nevertheless still needs to be in good condition. Inspect for cracks and chips. A beautiful decorative object with a patina of age is an added value, a slightly speckled mirror gives a vintage touch, but beware of cracked porcelain crockery, which
is obviously not recommended...


7- Some ideas for gifts to find

For children: vintage toys, board games, dolls, miniature cars, music
boxes, comic books.
For book lovers: vintage, classic or special-edition books.
For music lovers: vinyl records, a record player, musical instruments.
For those into interior design: porcelain tableware, silver cutlery, mirrors, frames, vases or ceramics with a vintage touch.
For fashion fans: accessories such as designer belts, retro sunglasses or designer silk scarves.

Follow these tips and not only will you enjoy the frenzy of Christmas gift-hunting, but you're bound to make your loved-ones happy and touched by your personal approach and unique presents.

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